Wears Valley and Townsend Smoky Mountain Information

Visit Wears Valley — make it your Smoky Mountain Home. Whether you come for a visit or decide to stay, once you visit Wears Valley, you will understand how it calls you home. Come and seek peace in the valley. Discover that in our valley. Less is more, Enjoy the beautiful mountain vistas, Remember your Smoky Mountain experience for a lifetime. Nestled into a valley known as Wear Cove, this beautiful valley is filled with history and culture. Our valley runs parallel to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and, therefore, has taken on the flavor of the mountain folks who settled in this land. Find Lodging, Dining, Adventure, Shopping and most of all peace and beauty in Wears Valley, Tennessee. Reunion groups, Retreat groups and Wedding Groups will all find excellent accommodations and unique choices in Wears Valley.
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Welcome to the City of Townsend! We are a small, close-knit community surrounded by the beauty of the Smoky Mountains. Townsend is one of the three main gateways to Cades Cove, one of the most popular destinations in the Smokies. View Townsend from the Parkway! See the City of Townsend surrounded by the beautiful Smoky Mountains as you take the scenic drive along the newly finished Foothills Parkway extension.
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Goats On The Roof
Yes, Goats On The Roof is a real attraction on Wears Valley Road and, yes, they literally have goats on the roof of their building. That’s just the main attraction tag, though, Goats On The Roof offers a lot more for families that stop to see the unique attraction. Goats On The Roof is a decent-sized gift shop with a range of items worth looking at, locally made jams, jellies and delicacies, gem mining for the young’uns, and one of two independent rollercoasters going up and around the mountain hillside. Worth having a look at – if for no other reason than to stop and pet the now-famous goats. https://goatsontheroofofthesmokies.com/

Wears Valley Antiques & Crafts
Wears Valley is somewhat famous for its antique selling community industry and chief among the antique shops is the aptly named Wears Valley Antiques and Crafts. This is a large, long store with many sections and many genuine antiques in almost anything you can think of. Antique furniture, antique clothing, antique books and magazines, antique decorations, antique household items, antique farming equipment, antique kitchen items… the list goes on! Many modern, locally made and featured items can be found in the big antique icon as well.

Next to Heaven Ranch
Between the substantial drive between the main activity of Wears Valley and Townsend is a uniquely structured road that has an equally unique attraction right in the middle of it – Wears Valley’s famous Next To Heaven Ranch where folks have stopped for gorgeous, heartstopping views of the Smokies while riding horses and thrilling ziplines adventures where nine ziplines provide locals and visitors with memories they will never forget. The staff who guide visitors along the horse trails or ziplines know their stuff and will be more than happy to provide you with the best service in our area. https://www.facebook.com/next2heavensmokies/

Wears Valley Zipline Adventures
Like the Next To Heaven Ranch above, Wears Valley Zipline Adventures offers guests a chance to see the Smokies the way only birds could a few decades ago. Wears Valley Zipline Adventures is situated on 43 acres of land, more incredible opportunities for views in Spring, Summer and Autumn than one can believe, and over 1 and a half miles of zipline linear length at over 250 feet high. One ride alone is 2,000 feet straight! See the Smokies and Mt. LeConte in a way you never thought you would at https://www.wearsvalleyziplines.com/.

Walden Creek Riding Stables
Despite being well into the East side of the USA, many who come to the Smokies do so with some hopes to experiencing something western. One of the best places to do this is one of the more horseriding providers in the Smokies is Walden Creek Riding Stables and they particularly specialize in bringing some Western experiences to East Tennessee! Not only does Walden Creek Riding Stables have horseriding, but they do hayrides, campfire get-togethers and more. https://www.facebook.com/WaldensCreekStable/

Tuckaleechee Caverns
Naturally, in a literal manner of speaking, the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee have a large amount of caverns that are older than civilization itself. Tuckaleechee Caverns is one of the few places where the general populace is allowed and encouraged to explore some of those caverns in Townsend, TN. These caves are tens of millions of years old, feature “The Big Room” and the “SilverFalls” waterfall and much more. https://tuckaleecheecaverns.com

Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center
The main center of attraction, events and, well, heritage in the Wears Valley and Townsend area is the large, multi-faceted Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center. The Heritage Center is an indoor museum, a bookstore, an outdoor museum featuring period-accurate farm buildings and Appalachian houses, and a good-sized outdoor amphitheater for where many musicians, storytellers and other entertainment acts perform in Townsend throughout the year. https://www.gsmheritagecenter.org/

Smoky Mountain River Rat
Townsend is famous for several things – being the “quiet side of the Smokies”, being a gateway to the Smoky Mountain National Park, and being the riverside fun, fishing and anything headquarters with the Little River. When it gets to be warm enough to go tubing, locals and visitors alike choose Smoky Mountain River Rat for their river-riding inflatables. When visitors want something requiring more adrenaline, they go for the Whitewater Rafting that River Rat provides in Hartford, TN. Water fun in the Smokies begins with Smoky Mountain River Rat! https://smokymtnriverrat.com

Little River Railroad/Lumber Museum
Before Townsend was anything else, it was a destination for railroads and lumber trains to come in and take felled trees from the Walland area and nearby Smoky Mountains. This happened for several decades before the Smoky Mountains became government-protected land, but Townsend keeps the history of their previous life alive with the Little River Railroad and Lumber Museum! This is a small attraction, but as such is free admission to the general public, showcases some images, information, tools and more from the generations past AND has a little train gift store for the little’uns or those who remain wildly interested by trains. Worth a look the next time you’re in town! https://littleriverrailroad.org/


Little River Bar-Be-Que
Located at River Rage Tubing on the main street of Townsend, Little River Bar-Be-Que serves everything a BBQ sweet tooth could want. On the menu is BBQ pork, BBQ beef, BBQ chicken, brisket, rib combos, jalapeno poppers, beer-battered onion rings, french fries, baked beans and homemade sauces ranging from mild to hot, sweet and even mustard style. www.riverragetubing.com

Carriage House Restaurant
A quality restaurant of a slightly fancier variety, Carriage House is a perfect consideration for dates, casual dining, family dining, family reunion dining, and just about any reason you would need to go out for food. Serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and all the traditional Southern and casual favorites you’re looking for – ribeye steak sandwich, grouper fish sandwich, country ham steak, grilled pork chops, spaghetti, chicken buckets and much more! https://www.carriagehouserestaurant.net/

Trailhead Steakhouse
The Smoky Mountains of Townsend, Tennessee are built off of the river culture, and what better way to explore that culture that having some quality Tennessee trout to look forward to? The Trailhead Steak and Trout House is the right touch of casual and decent, good for a date, birthday outing, social gathering or any occasion you’d like to try the best steaks and seafood in the area! www.trailheadsteakhouse.com

Apple Valley Kitchen
A restaurant and a store, Apple Valley Kitchen can be both a one-stop-shop for visitors traveling through Townsend just a little while, or it can be a place you and the family can come back to more than once, and with breakfast served all day, homemade sandwiches, chicken tenders, fried pie desserts, homemade fudge, premium gourmet coffees, quilts and much more, why wouldn’t you want to come back? www.applevalleycountrystore.com

Riverstone Family Restaurant
A small restaurant in Townsend, Tennessee, with a big menu and an even bigger taste! Riverstone Family Restaurant has something for everyone whether you’re looking to satisfy a casual or very specific kind of hunger craving. Over a dozen different kinds of sandwiches and twice times a dozen entries for lunch, dinner and breakfast await the family who comes to eat at Riverstone Family Restaurant – and how many places in Tennessee do you know serve frog legs as an appetizer? www.riverstonefamilyrestaurant.com